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Blue Line Investigations & Security Solutions LLC is a Wisconsin State Licensed Private Detective Agency that serves the entire State of Wisconsin. Headed by Lead Private Investigator and Head Security Consultant Virginia Thain, we provide investigative and security services through a team of retired Law Enforcement Officers and former military. With decades of experience in many disciplines, we tailor solutions to our clients. Our team approaches every job with a focus on integrity, discretion, and thoroughness. We will represent your interests in a highly professional manner. Call, email, or text us for a free consultation today!




Virginia Thain is the owner, Lead Private Investigator, and Head Security Consultant for Blue Line Investigations & Security Solutions LLC. Raised in Wisconsin, she is a Retired Law Enforcement Officer who worked for McFarland and Fitchburg Police Departments.

During her 28 years as a Law Enforcement Officer, she was head of The Crisis Intervention Team, a Lead Team Member for The Peer Support Group, and a Field Trainer. She also attained the rank of Sergeant.

Over the course of her career she investigated a variety of cases. These cases included homicide, death investigations, sexual assault, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, stalking, fraudulent crimes, drug offenses, OWI's, vehicle crashes, and employment issues / terminations. Through the investigation of these cases, Virginia honed her skills in these areas:


  • Criminal Investigation

  • Surveillance

  • Security

  • Background Checks

  • Testifying

  • Report Writing

  • Witness Locating

  • Locating Missing Persons

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